The 12 Most Expensive Cat Breeds


The 12 most expensive cat breeds in the world

Cats remain the most popular pets among different families and cultures as they are intelligent, emotional, and easy to care for.

There are pet owners who prefer certain breeds of cats in their homes and you may be surprised at how expensive cat breeds are, and many may wonder if they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to buy a pet at home?

And what are the most expensive cat breeds for 2021, and the following is a list of the most expensive cat breeds in existence.

12-Ashera: $22,000-$125,000:

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The Ashera is the pinnacle of luxury cat breeds, with a median price tag of $75,000. Physically stunning, it is a hybrid of African leopard, African serval and domestic tabby genetics. Doubling down on its appeal are the details that it is friendly and has a personality more akin to a dog than an aristocratic cat. To get one, however, you’d have to wait over a year because California-based owners produce around 100 cats annually for this breed only. The cost for any particular breed is adjustable and always highly depended on and proportional to its quality – show-quality cats always costs more than pet-quality ones and if used for breeding the cost can go even higher. For comparison, after the Ashera there is a variety of exotic cats whose prices range from $2,000 at maximum to as low as $200.

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11-The British Shorthair:

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The British shorthair cat is a breed that many animal lovers around the world swear by. Often seen in various videos, this breed is known for its huge body, broad face and thick, plush fur. It has been featured in books like John Tenniel’s Alice in Wonderland due to its shimmering golden eyes and dignified stature. It can be traced back to the 1st century and was originally brought to Europe by the Romans. Through centuries of interbreeding, the British shorthair became one of the most sought after breeds today – plus it’s not cheap either! With prices depending on where you buy it; anything from $500 to $1500 for one cat is quite steep..

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Breathtakingly beautiful, the Birman cat has captivated people since its beginnings in Burma. With round eyes of a mesmerizing blue hue and luxurious fur coat, it’s easy to understand why this breed is considered sacred in its homeland. Birmans start out as pure white specimens, taking a couple of years to acquire their characteristic markings. The color spectrum runs from an ethereal silvery-white to deep sable; most commonly they’re found as snow-colored with fir-hued points on the face, feet and legs. A unique pattern of white hairs down the spine completes the look and draws attention away from any individual flaws. Interestingly, even after developing their flashy coloring, Birmans retain their milky pupils; perhaps that was how they earned their ‘sacred’ reputation in Burma generations ago!

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