12 Unique Animals You Won’t Believe Exist


Every year, researchers discover anywhere between 15,000 and 18,000 new animal species. Basic mathematics reveals, then, that there are countless thousands, maybe even millions, remaining to be discovered. And, out of the roughly 8.7 million species already identified, there are those that one might refer to as “critters”—you know, the small, often creepy, creatures that we’d rather not acknowledge at all.

So, for your enjoyment, we’ve gathered the most terrifying, strange, and otherworldly critters on the planet. From nocturnal sloths with panic-inducing talons to a little alarming fella called the promachoteuthis sulcus, these are the animals that will make you check under the bed a second (and third, and fourth) time tonight. (Oh, and you’ll also find a few cuties throughout—to help ease the nightmares.) And for more on the most fear-inducing species in the world, check out these 12 Most Deadly Animals on Earth.

12-Venezuelan Poodle Moth – A Furry Mystery:

11-Malayan Kalugo:

The Malayan Kalugo is a fascinating and unique species that uses a remarkable adaptation to navigate its arboreal habitat. Despite being misnamed as a glider and not possessing the ability to fly, the Kalugo relies on gliding between trees using a large membrane, similar to a flying squirrel. This adaptation allows it to move through its environment with exceptional efficiency. Interestingly, the Kalugo is not a strong climber and turns to gliding as its primary means of transportation. Its distinct features and remarkable gliding abilities make it a standout species in the animal kingdom. The Kalugo’s ability to use gliding as a healthy means of transportation through its habitat is an impressive feature that sets it apart from other tree-dwelling creatures.


While the thought of a Sea Pig may not sound appetizing, this deep sea dweller plays an important role in the ocean’s ecosystem. Using its tentacles to consume decomposing flesh, the Sea Pig helps to clean up the ocean floor and keep it healthy. Although sightings of this fascinating creature are rare, visitors to their habitat may be lucky enough to stumble upon groups of up to 600. Don’t let their name fool you, Sea Pigs are not on the list of the ocean’s 20 Sea Creatures More Dangerous Than Sharks. So, take a dive and discover the wonders of the deep sea!


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