Below you’ll discover a compilation of 12 of the spookiest locations on earth, some of which you will most likely have heard of and some that may be new to you. What is certain, however, is that you’ll probably want to read some of these eerie stories with the lights on!

Although our expertise at Haunted Rooms is in the UK’s most ghostly hotels, we’re captivated by any haunted spot, and there are plenty of them out there. So, we have decided to compile what we believe to be the most haunted places globally. Check out our sister site for the most haunted places in America.

Here are the most haunted locations worldwide!


Having been constructed in 1876 due to Victoria’s growing population of so-called “mental health patients”, the Arradale Asylum had been a place of anguish, with over 13,000 individuals believed to have tragically perished there.

Much like other psychiatric institutions of the time period, gruesome methods were implemented to “treat” those suffering. Particularly inhumane procedures such as electroshock therapy and lobotomies were carried out in the edifice, often resulting in fatal consequences.

Considering the abhorrent acts conducted within its walls, it is unsurprising that the restless spirits of those lost souls continue to haunt this eerie complex to this day. Distressing pleas for help can be heard emanating from vacant cells, and the horrifying apparitions of former patients are frequently sighted throughout. Visitors to the premises have been compelled to depart due to overwhelming feelings of sadness and intense nausea.

If you find yourself in the south-western region of Victoria, a visit to the Arradale Lunatic Asylum should be included in your must-do list. Tours start at $22 for adults and are available daily.

12-Moundsville Penitentiary:

Although the Weston State Hospital may be infamous for its history of housing people with mental illness, it’s important to remember that the mental health industry has come a long way since its opening in 1864. Today, we understand the importance of providing those struggling with mental health issues with resources and support to help them lead healthy lives. However, the Weston State Hospital’s past cannot be forgotten, and many believe that the spirits of those who suffered here still linger on the property today. For those brave enough, paranormal tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the asylum’s haunted past and perhaps even connect with the spirits who once called it home. Whether it’s a 2-hour visit or an 8-hour ghost hunt, visitors are sure to come away with a newfound appreciation for the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and spirit.


Perhaps the world’s most famous residence, the home, and office of the President of the United States. It has been the official residence of every President since 1800 when John Adams first moved into the house.

With the immense amount of history and historical figures that have graced its rooms, it’s no wonder that the White House has a tale or two of hauntings. It’s considered to be the most haunted mansion in America.

Past presidents, their families, and foreign dignitaries have all attested to the paranormal goings-on at the White House.

On one particular visit, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom. He had just finished bathing and walked back into the suite, where he saw Lincoln standing by the fireplace. He refused to sleep in that room again after that.

Other people that have said they have seen the apparition of Abraham Lincoln include President’s Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, and Dwight Eisenhower; First Ladies Jacquie Kennedy and Ladybird Johnson; and presidential children Susan Ford and Maureen Reagan. Maureen and her husband witnessed Lincoln standing by the same fireplace where Churchill had once seen him.

Reportedly Queen Wilhemina of the Netherlands was staying in the Rose Room when she heard a knock on the door in the middle of the night. When she answered, she was confronted by the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, standing in the hallway.

President Andrew Jackson is believed to haunt the Rose Room, with numerous White House employees reportedly hearing his hearty laughter or him in a fit of rage, cursing violently.

The spirit of Abigail Adams (wife of John Adams) has been seen floating through the East Room. This is the room where she used to hang her laundry. Several eyewitnesses, including staff and visitors, have seen her seemingly gliding across the room with her arms outstretched as if carrying a laundry basket.

Various other apparitions have also been seen, including past employees, Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Tyler; First Lady Dolley Madison; a British soldier; and Anne Surratt. Sudden cold areas, disembodied footsteps, voices, knocks, and screams have also been reported at the seemingly very haunted 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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