The 12 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds in the World


All cats are beautiful in their own unique way, and besides appearance, many breeds have other appealing aspects, like temperament, playfulness, and intellect. That said, there are truly head-turning, beautiful breeds around, and this article is dedicated to them! Each of these breeds has unique, striking features that make them uniquely beautiful and a joy to own.

We scoured the internet for the most beautiful cat breeds on the planet and compiled this list of 14 that rise above the rest and are among our favorites.



Size: 9-13 inches high
Color: Brown, silver, snow, charcoal, blue
Temperament: Friendly, calm, sweet

The Toyger cat is a truly unique breed and can easily be recognized for its stunning tiger-like stripes. Believed to have been created through crossing a Bengal with a domestic shorthair, the Toyger takes after its tiger cousins in looks but is otherwise completely domesticated, making it a great choice for those looking for an affectionate and loving family member. Medium-sized and muscular, they have long bodies and are characterized by their short coat that emphasizes the striking markings of their beautiful fur. Teetering on the brink between wildness and domestication, Toygers impart playfulness and adventure into any home they enter.

11-Turkish Angora:


The Turkish Angora is a gorgeous feline with a luxurious silky coat and long, majestic tail. With its full neck ruff, the Angora looks every bit like an elegant lion! But there is much more to this breed than its dazzling good looks – the breed also has a rich past. It hails from Persia and Armenia and made its way into Europe in the 1500s. From there it traveled to the US during the late 1700s. Today, American Angoras trace their lineage back to Ankara Zoo’s breeding program in Turkey where the government sought to preserve its signature solid-white color by avoiding any crossbreedings with other cats. Without a doubt, this uniquely spectacular breed continues to be one of the most beautiful cats in the world.


Size: 15-18 inches
Color: Can be found in almost all colors — most commonly, orange, gray, black, and white
Temperament: Affectionate, intelligent, playful

Highly prized (and endowed with luxuriously long coat and mesmerizingly intense gaze,) the Siberian is a breed of cat that hails from the frigid taiga of Siberia, where temperatures can drop to way below freezing. Despite their somewhat wild appearance they are incredibly gentle and are affectionate with their humans and make wonderful companions, especially for families with children. As such, many have described them as being more ‘dog-like’ in the sense that they may follow their owners around from room to room or even wait patiently at the door for when their owner returns home! They can often be independent cats but remain affectinonate and playful on their terms!


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