Top 12 Smartest Cat Breeds 2024


9-Korat Cat:

If you’re in search of an intelligent cat breed that won’t be too overwhelming to handle, the Korat might be precisely what you’re looking for. These unassuming felines may appear like any ordinary Shorthair breed at first glance. However, they possess remarkable natural instincts and astounding intelligence that sets them apart from their peers. With a lifespan of 10-15 years and weighing only 6-10 pounds, the Korat is an excellent medium-sized companion to have around the house. Their subtle blue/gray color scheme and round emerald eyes also make them a beautiful addition to any home. Give them some love and attention, and they will return that affection tenfold- forming deep emotional bonds with the people they spend the most time with. Additionally, they’re great problem solvers and can learn commands and tricks with ease.


The Siamese is a breed of cat recognized for its affection, intelligence, and sociable nature. Believed to have originated in Thailand, the Siamese cat is a slender breed known for its distinctive head and face, short fur, blue eyes, and pale body that sharply contrasts with its darkened features.

The Siamese is quite loving and actively seeks out attention due to its “affection for socializing” ( They are also well-known for their vocal behavior and can become quite noisy if they feel neglected. For this reason, the Siamese is best suited for households with other cats (especially another Siamese) or with owners capable of providing them with the attention they desire on a daily basis.

The Siamese cat is also highly intelligent and requires ample mental stimulation to keep their minds occupied. As an energetic breed, failure to provide this stimulation often results in destructive behavior and mischief as the Siamese attempts to entertain itself through various means. For this reason, challenging puzzles and toys are excellent choices for this breed.

The cat is also capable of learning advanced commands and has even been observed playing fetch with their owners. Because of their ability to form social bonds, the Siamese is a perfect choice for households with children or other pets (including cat-friendly dogs). Proper care and supervision should be taught to small children, however, as the Siamese is known to become aggressive when harassed or provoked.

7-Havana brown:

The Havana brown cat breed may seem mysterious and aloof to some, but their fans know that they are deeply connected to humans and savor affectionate companionship. These beautiful felines insist on being involved in whatever their humans are doing, often using both their paws to gently touch and interact with their loved ones. Although they share DNA with the Siamese, their meows are quieter, charming, and almost flirty. Havana browns may prefer the company of one favorite human over others in the family, but they tend to get along well with humans of all ages and even other furry roommates. One of the most intriguing things about these cats is their unique method of investigation- instead of using their nose like most felines, they use both their paws to check out trinkets and treasures. Overall, the Havana brown is a sensitive and delightful cat to have as a companion.


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